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Federal Fiscal Years (FFY) 2020-2025 State Performance Plan (SPP)/Annual Performance Report (APR) – Stakeholder Involvement

Every state is required to submit a new SPP to the United States Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at least every six years. This year’s FFY 2020 SPP/APR submission (due February 2022) begins a new six-year SPP cycle for federal fiscal years (FFY) 2020-2025. OSEP requires each state to engage stakeholders in the examination and revision of the SPP target setting process and improvement activities for the 17 SPP indicators listed below. To achieve the goal of meaningful stakeholder engagement for the FFY 2020-2025 SPP/APR, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) hosted a series of 60 virtual stakeholder meetings in November 2021 for parents, school administrators, educators, advocacy organizations, community members and other stakeholders to learn more about the SPP and to give their input. Stakeholder feedback was also solicited between October and November 2021 using online surveys for each of the 17 indicators.  Summaries of the stakeholder feedback can be found under each indicator tab below (click on the red circle icon).  NYSED values its partnership with parents and other key stakeholders in our ongoing efforts to improve outcomes for students with disabilities throughout New York State.  We thank all of you who participated in a virtual stakeholder meeting or completed an online survey!

The information presented below provides an overview of the SPP/APR and the general requirements around stakeholder involvement for setting data targets for the new six-year cycle. This webpage also includes a series of webinars and informational materials that cover each of the 17 indicators in greater detail, including historical data trends, proposed data targets and current/proposed improvement strategies to enable NYS to meet its targets for the FFY 2020-2025 SPP/APR.  We encourage you to learn more about each indicator, by clicking on the indicator tabs below.  Please check back frequently for the latest updates on New York’s FFY 2020-2025 SPP/APR.  Questions about the SPP/APR and stakeholder engagement process may be sent to

Overview of State Performance Plan Indicators:

Summaries of Stakeholder Engagement Feedback Now Available by Selecting Each Indicator.