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NYS Learning Standards for Arts Glossaries

NYS Learning Standards for the Arts  Posters


Media Arts 

Music Ensemble

Music General Classroom

High School Music


Visual Arts 

Arts Course Flow Charts

These arts course flowcharts have been developed to provide guidance on 1-unit comprehensive courses and possible course flows that support the Learning Standards in the Arts.

Professional Development

The New York State Arts Standards do not specify any single approach to arts teaching and learning and are instead propelled by Enduring Understandings and Questions. 

In order to provide resources to develop and align arts curricula to the new standards A Self-Guided Tour of the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts in Visual or Media Arts, Dance, Theater or Music was created. Discipline Specific Toolkit Documents provide participants and presenters with essential questions and discussion points as they work through these standard tours. 

In addition, Think documents provide discipline specific at-a-glance resources to assist arts educators in their adaption of existing curricula to the new standards.

Overview of NYS Learning Standards for the Arts Professional Development Documents