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Arts FAQ

The responses presented below are provided to address frequently asked questions related to arts education in New York State. 

How can my school, district, or BOCES apply to offer the Individual Arts Assessment Pathway?

​​Applications open in Spring to apply to offer the Individual Arts Assessment Pathway (IAAP) the following September. These applications are available on the NYSED Business Portal and are delegated to district superintendents, who in turn, can delegate to appropriate staff to complete.   

Who teaches media arts courses? Which courses are considered media arts courses?

Media arts courses are instructed by appropriately certified CTE and visual arts teachers. Media Arts courses are listed in the New York State Comprehensive Course Catalog. 

Do I still need to submit new arts courses to the Department for approval?

No. Previously, the Arts course(s) for diploma credit needed to be State-developed or locally developed and approved by the State. A regulatory amendment striking this requirement was adopted by the Board of Regents and was permanently adopted at the end of September 2023. Therefore, at this time, the unit of diploma credit in the Arts is locally determined and does not need to be reviewed by the New York State Education Department. 

What is Design and Drawing for production (DDP) and how can it help students meet their arts graduation requirements? 

Design and Drawing for Production (DDP) is a NYSED- approved, high school level interdisciplinary course that meets both Technology Education and Visual Arts Learning Standards, and “is intended to be implemented through a two- semester course as an introduction to a universal graphic language through which students can express their ideas with creativity, clarity and exactness.” Design and Drawing for Production (DDP) is an approved course to meet the one unit of art/music requirement for graduation for all students. The Design and Drawing for Production Syllabus is available for reference and planning purposes.

Can students earn credit for band, theater, orchestra, or chorus if these groups or courses meet outside of the regular school day?

Yes, per 8 NYCRR 100.5(d)(2) Students may earn a unit of credit in the arts either by participating in a school’s major performing groups or by participating, only in exceptional situations, in an advanced out-of-school art or music activity. Credit for such participation shall be upon recommendation by the student’s music teacher, shall be approved by the music/arts department chairperson, if there is one, and by the school principal, and shall be consistent with the goals and objectives of the school’s music program.