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Trade and Technical Contacts

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Trade and technical education programs prepare students to meet graduation requirements set forth in Part 100.5 of the Commissioners Regulations. Trade programs expose students to technical knowledge and skills and related occupational information. Students develop employability skills, work ethics, and leadership abilities. Students are prepared for employment in a variety of semi-professional or technical occupations and for post-secondary education.

Contemporary trade and technical programs provide students with:

  • a goal-oriented planning through trade specific knowledge and skills
  • strategies for improvement in academic and technical subjects
  • opportunities to continue their education at post-secondary institutions
  • opportunities to develop strong work ethics and build strong relationships with business and industry partners
  • a graduation pathway that meets New York State Regents standards
  • trade-specific knowledge and skills and lifelong employability skills
  • exposure to real world employment experience through work-based learning activities and career exploration