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Technology Education Program Approval Information

Sample NYSED-Approved CTE Programs in Technology Education, Trade, and Technical Subjects

The purpose of this document is to convey the multitude of program opportunities that can exist at both an LEA and/or a BOCES, and includes samples of common sequences, courses, and technical assessments in current NYSED-approved CTE programs. Please note that this document serves as a RESOURCE for schools in the planning and creation of NYSED-approved CTE programs in Technology Education, Trade, and Technical subject areas. This is not an official NYSED policy document regarding the program approval process.


NYS Implementation Guide to CTE Program Approval

The Implementation Guide to CTE Program Approval is a tool intended for use by the local program approval self-study and external review teams. The guide is designed to assist in assessing career and technical education (CTE) program quality and identifying program needs prior to submission of the CTE program approval application to the Department. Guidance is provided on each element required for CTE program approval. Each section of the guide contains a brief overview, a description of the intended process and a description of the product that would be the outcome of that work.


Learn more about becoming a NYSED-Approved CTE Program.

CTE Program Approval FAQ

Where can I find a list of NYSED-approved technical assessments?

As of 2018, the process for approving CTE programs and assessments have been merged into one process. As such, there is no longer a state-approved list of technical assessments for technology programs. Assessments are reviewed and approved individually with each application or amendment received.  A sample of common assessments  used in technology education, trade, and technical programs of study is found on our webpage.  

Additional information about technical assessments for NYSED-approved CTE programs including a video tutorial can be found on the  technical assessment webpage.

I would like to obtain NYSED-approval for my CTE program in technology. How do I get started?

Please review the information located on the program approval page. If you have any questions, please contact the associate for technology education.

What is the benefit of having a NYSED-approved CTE program at my school?

Having a NYSED-approved CTE program allows students to obtain a technical endorsement on their diploma which recognizes achievement beyond attainment of a Regents diploma. A NYSED-approved CTE program also offers students a 4+1 pathway option for graduation. Students who complete a NYSED-approved CTE program help their school earn a higher score in the ESSA college, career, and civic readiness index.

How many units of instruction are needed in a NYSED-approved CTE program?

A NYSED-approved CTE program needs to have at least one-half unit of Career and Financial Management content and three units of program specific CTE content. Programs must also offer students the opportunity to participate in work-based learning and take the program’s technical assessment. It is recommended that students have the option to take up to five units so that the requirements for an advanced Regents diploma (replacing the LOTE requirement) can be met (100.5(7)(v)(c )). 

Additional information about program content for NYSED-approved CTE programs including a video tutorial can be found on the program content webpage.

What is the difference between an integrated and a specialized course?

In an integrated course, a student must know the commencement level academic content in order to learn the CTE content. In a specialized course, the academic content is not inherently there but is bolstered so that 108 hours of academics can be provided in the program.

Additional information about integrated and specialized credit for NYSED-approved CTE programs including a video tutorial can be found on the program content webpage.

Do I need to have an integrated/specialized course in my program?

No, integrated and specialized credits are not a required part of a NYSED-approved CTE program. Very few school districts (which we refer to as local education agencies or LEAs) offer integrated or specialized credits. Most instances where integrated and specialized credit is requested are within programs that are provided by a BOCES. This is because offering integrated and specialized credit at BOCES provides students with increased opportunities to participate in CTE programs while also fulfilling academic requirements they would traditionally receive at the component district.