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CTE Content Areas

CTE Policy and Guidance

CTE Memos and Guidance

COVID-19 Guidance

Updated Guidance on Driver and Traffic Safety Education (6/11/21)

Clinical Hour Requirement for Health Science Programs during COVID-19 (8/28/20)

Administering Technical Skills Assessments During COVID-19 (6/4/20)

CTE Administrators Guide

Guide for Career and Technical Education Administrators and School Counselors (10/1/20)

Middle Level CTE

Clarification on Middle-Level Teacher Certification (10/10/19)

Memo to the Field on CTE Teacher Certification (7/15/18)

CTE Program Approval

Memo on Process for Approval of CTE Pathway Assessments (8/1/18)

Career and Financial Management Curricular Framework (7/23/18) 

Field Memo on Credit for Approved CTE Programs (11/23/05)


Perkins 2021-22 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) workbook posting and changes (8/26/21)

Perkins V State Determined Performance Level Proposed Revisions (3/23/21)

Civil Rights

Memo to the Field on Civil Rights Monitoring (2/11/21)

CTE Data

Additions to the New York State Course (SCED) Codes for CTE Courses (8/18/22)

Memo on 2019 changes in the collection of CTE data (7/8/19)

CTE Content Areas

Construction Code Compliance for Construction Courses and Programs (2/10/2023)

Permanent flexibility in the use of Career Awareness Experiences to meet work-based learning hour requirements (8/29/2022)

Updates to Registered Work-Based Learning (WBL) Programs (1/10/22)

Updated Work-Based Learning Manual (9/2/21)

New FAA requirements for the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for recreational flyers (8/5/21)

Secondary CTE Approved Barbering Program Guidance (7/29/14)

Field Memo on Design and Drawing for Production (8/13/03)