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Program Amendments

Program Approval Process

The NYSED career and technical education (CTE) program approval process is outlined in Section 100.5(d)(6) of Commissioner’s Regulations. Tutorials on each step of this process can be accessed on program approval page links found under the left navigation button for “CTE Program Approval”. While programs are approved for a five-year period, there will be times when changes need to be made to the program due to unforeseen circumstances (change in faculty, change in postsecondary articulation agreement, etc.). Before any change is made to any of the components of the approved program during the current approval period, an approved program amendment form must be submitted and approved before the change can be implemented.

When Must an Amendment be Submitted?

An amendment form must be submitted and approved before there is any change to the most recently approved components of a program. This includes, but is not limited to, changes:

  • in program contacts
  • in program names
  • in program courses
  • in work-based learning coordinators
  • in work-based learning experiences
  • to the employability profile
  • to the technical assessment
  • to the postsecondary articulation agreement
  • in faculty

Program Amendment Form

The program amendment form was updated in 2021. This updated form should be used to request approval for any changes that are being sought. Once the amendment is filed, the NYSED Office of CTE may request additional documentation (e.g., updated employability profiles and copies of faculty certification/licensure) before informing the program provider if the amendment is approved or disapproved. Programs should not implement the changes on the form until they are approved by the Office of CTE.

Program Content Amendment Addendum

When changes are being made to the course sequence of an approved program, an additional addendum must be submitted along with the amendment. This will allow the Office of CTE to easily determine the difference between the current and proposed course sequence to determine its appropriateness within the context of the rest of the program.

Substantial Programmatic Changes

Approved programs go through a thorough self-study and external review process every five years. The approved program amendment process is designed for minor changes that do not substantially impact the overall program design. Substantial changes may not be made through the amendment process.  Substantial changes include, but are not limited to, changes in CIP code, CTE content, or academic content. These changes may require a new approval process and consultation with the self-study and external review committees. For assistance in determining if a change is substantial, please contact the content specialist responsible for the career cluster in question.