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Program Information


Programs seeking NYSED-approval must provide several types of information and data that is used by the Department in state and federal reporting.


  • School district or BOCES—The legal name of the school district/BOCES providing the NYSED-approved CTE program.
  • Program start date—The academic year in which the program is to be implemented. Please see the Office of Career and Technical Education’s program approval webpage for application due dates and implementation timelines.
  • Program name—The name that will be used to identify the program of study in the course catalog.
  • Agency code—The code that uniquely identifies the district/BOCES that will be running the NYSED-approved CTE program.
  • Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code—The code that uniquely identifies a program of study based upon its course content and alignment with a specific occupational field.
  • Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) code—The code that uniquely identifies the building/site where the NYSED-approved CTE program will be offered.
  • Contact information—The administrator or faculty member that will provide and receive information relating to the program of study. This should be an individual who has oversight over all approved programs in the district.
  • Operational approval status—Programs of study in the areas of health sciences, appearance enhancement, and barbering must obtain operational approval prior to conducting a program or applying for CTE program approval.