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Technology Education Teacher Preparation

Teacher Preparation Programs

New York State teacher preparation programs that lead to technology education teacher certification:

Teacher Certification

The Office of Career and Technical Education does not review teacher certification applications or set policy for teacher certification. Teacher certification questions are best answered by the Office of Teaching Initiatives.

Certification FAQ

How do I obtain certification to teach in a CTE program?

Please visit the Office of Teaching Initiatives webpage for the most up to date information regarding certification requirements and pathways. 

Additional information about teacher certification requirements for NYSED-approved CTE programs including a video tutorial can be found on the program faculty webpage

Can a degree or courses in another subject area count toward certification in technology education?

Individuals seeking technology education certification with a degree or courses in another subject may have their college transcripts reviewed by the Office of Teaching Initiatives. Details of this process can be found on the Office of Teaching Initiatives webpage

What is the difference between a technology education classroom teacher certification and a career and technical certification?

The "Classroom Teacher" certification area contains the titles valid for classroom teaching positions. Certifications identified as “classroom teacher” enable the certificate holder to teach the broad range of content that is identified within the certification area. For instance, an educator certified in technology education is appropriately certified to teach content in automotive, materials processing, manufacturing, STEM, etc.  

The "Career and Technical" certification area contains the titles valid for teaching vocational or technical education subjects. Certifications identified as, “career and technical”, enable the certificate holder to teach content specific to their certification title. For instance, an educator certified in vehicle mechanical repair is appropriately certified to teach content relating to the repair of vehicles. This educator is not appropriately certified to deliver instruction in courses other than vehicle repair. 

For more information about faculty certification for a NYSED-approved CTE program, please visit the program faculty webpage.

For a list of career and technical teacher certificate titles and their descriptions, please visit the Office of Teaching Initiatives webpage

Can a technology teacher coordinate work-based learning programs?

A technology education teacher may only coordinate the four registered work-based learning programs (CEIP, Co-op, GEWEP, and WECEP) if they hold the extension of work-based learning coordinator. Technology education certification alone does not allow someone to coordinate registered work-based learning programs. Two courses must be taken to obtain the extension. They are offered through Oswego State, Buffalo State, and Hofstra University among other locations. In order to coordinate CEIP and Co-op, you must hold the extension of Coordinator of Work-Based Learning for Career Development. There is also an extension for Career Awareness that is designed for general education teachers and does not allow for coordination of CEIP or Co-op programs. Non-registered experiences such as job shadowing, school-based projects, community service/volunteering, and school-based enterprises do not need to be supervised by a certified coordinator, but it is recommended. More information can be found on the work-based learning webpage.