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Technology Education: Definition

Commissioner’s Regulations Part 100.4 (a)(1) defines technology education as a program of instruction designed to assist all students in meeting state intermediate standards for technology. Technology education uses concepts of science, mathematics, social science, and language arts in a hands-on, systems-based approach to problem solving that guides students in the understanding, design, and development of systems, devices, and products to serve human needs and wants.


Technology Education: Description

Technology education is an integral program of study within the New York State mathematics, science, and technology (MST) Learning Standards. Technology education evolved from the subject area called industrial arts. In the mid-1980's technology education replaced industrial arts in more ways than its name. 

In addition to offering students opportunities to apply their mathematics and science skills, technology education programs at the high school level offer opportunities to explore technology-related careers. At the middle level, technology education can be used to meet the 1 ¾ unit CTE requirement as specified by Commissioners Regulation 100.4 (c).