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Agriculture Student Leadership Organization

New York Association of FFA

New York Association of FFA Website

New York Association of FFA is one of the seven student leadership organizations in the state. Student leadership development is an integral part of career and technical education instruction, which is enhanced by student leadership organizations. Students participating in student leadership organization contests, travel, and self-improvement activities develop professional and technical skills necessary for success in their occupational field.

Individual, team, and local chapter level competitive events and projects support the accomplishment of the performance objectives of the respective instruction. The New York Association of FFA infuses a student-centered community-based approach to agricultural education. The charter establishing the New York Association of FFA by the Board of Regents, recorded as Number 9938, was adopted on May 23, 1969.

The charter established the following purposes for FFA:

  • to develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism, and develop competent agriculture leadership;
  • to create interest on the part of members in the intelligent choice of agricultural occupations;
  • to encourage members to acquire skills and work experience in preparation for careers in agriculture;
  • to participate in cooperative activities and worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture;
  • to encourage and practice thrift;
  • to encourage improvement in scholarship; and
  • to provide and encourage the development of organized recreational activities.

Students who complete an acceptable program of student leadership organizations activities will have satisfied the Social Studies IV requirement of 1/2-unit of credit in Participation in Government.

Student organizations emphasize participation of members in local, regional, state, and/or national activities which are significant means of developing student leadership, and are integral part of career and technical education curriculum. Student organizations provide a structure for developing leadership, building character, instilling a cooperative spirit, inspiring civic pride, responsibility, and self-confidence, and providing service.

Employers have consistently confirmed that occupational competence requires positive attitudes, values, and initiative, in addition to technical skills. In addition, these organizations provide the school district with dynamic public relations programs. The New York Association of FFA provides unique opportunities for developing these essential career preparation skills. For details of the structure and composition, as well as programs, and activities of the New York Association of FFA.


Oswegatchie Educational Center

Oswegatchie is an educational, recreational retreat center where many agricultural education program activities take place. The center serves as a training ground for members of the FFA to prepare themselves for the future through leadership development, environmental science, and outdoor recreation.