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Dental Laboratory Technology

Dental laboratory technology involves the science related to the fabrication of dental corrective devices and replacements for natural teeth. Dental Lab Technicians work in a dental lab preparing full and partial dentures, crown and bridge restoration, ceramics, orthodontics, and castings. A dental laboratory technician may also provide support and product sales to the dental field.


Dental Laboratory Technology Programs of Study

Dental Laboratory Technology programs of study include a curriculum which provides students with knowledge of dental and oral anatomy and terminology, and skills to: understand accepted practices in the fabrication of dental appliances, identify properties of materials used in the fabrication processes, read and fulfill a dental prescription, implement laboratory safety and infection control practices, and apply knowledge of mathematics in determining ratios and converting measurements.

Students will use materials and equipment to create a dental appliance from start to completion. The didactic learning combined with supervised clinical experience (see below) comprises a program of study.

Students successfully completing program of study components are prepared for entry-level employment in commercial dental laboratories, hospitals, dental schools, dental offices, or sales and supplies.

Supervised Clinical Experience

  • Affiliation agreement(s) must be established (a written contract with partnering healthcare facilities).
  • Students may enter a clinical setting only after receiving prior program instruction, demonstrating related skill and knowledge, all under supervision by the school’s program instructor.
  • 108 hours (1 unit) of clinical experience must be conducted in a work setting as defined by the program of study.
  • Scopes of practice under various state licensures must be considered when developing hands on activities in implementation of health sciences programs.