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Appearance Enhancement and Barbering Programs

The following occupations fall under the appearance enhancement and barbering domain of the Division of Licensing Services at the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). Each of these occupations requires an individual to complete the required number of hours set forth by the NYSDOS at a New York State Education Department operationally approved program.

Operational Approval for Appearance Enhancement and Barbering Programs

Any appearance enhancement and or licensing program which includes cosmetology, nail specialty, esthetics, natural hairstyling and waxing must go through an operational approval process in conjunction with the Department of State (DOS). Please note that barbering is a separate licensure area that is not included within appearance enhancement licensure but still requires an operational approval. Operational approval is required for a school to offer the credentials that students need to obtain and sit for their New York State Licensing Examinations. 

Operational Approval Process

All appearance enhancement programs must be operationally approved before students can earn any hours towards their licensing exams. Schools must contact the Career and Technical Education office to request the information regarding operational approval. Below is the process for operational approval for all appearance enhancement and barbering programs.

  1. School is sent the protocol letter.
  2. Completed protocol documents & information submitted to CTE office.
  3. Curriculum is reviewed, teacher certification and current license is verified.
  4. Lab setting, program start date & textbook is reviewed.
  5. Letter of curriculum approval is sent to the Division of Licensing at the Department of State.
  6. Letter of approval is sent to the contact person at the school.
  7. Verify the name and email of the contact person who will affirm student hours and send that information to the Division of Licensing at the Department of State.
  8. The Department of State assigns a unique curriculum code to each program and will notify the school with their curriculum code once the approval is finalized.
  9. Students completing an operationally approved appearance enhancement program will use the unique curriculum code when they register for their licensing exams.

NYSED CTE Program Approval Process

Once operational approval is obtained, programs are then eligible to apply for Career and Technical Education program approval. This program approval affords students the opportunity to obtain a technical endorsement and make use of the 4+1 CTE pathway to graduation. The CTE program approval process has specific requirements that are set forth by the New York State Education Department. Learn more on the CTE program approval webpage

New York State Licensing Information

Further guidance regarding appearance enhancement disciplines can be found at the external web sites below.

Appearance Enhancement and Barbering Resources