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Guidelines for CTE Program Approval

Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide for Career and Technical Education Program Approval is a tool intended for use by the local program approval self-study and external review teams. The guide is designed to assist in assessing career and technical education (CTE) program quality and identifying program needs prior to submission of the CTE program approval application to the Department.

Guidance is provided on each element required for CTE program approval and re-approval. Each section of the guide contains a breakdown of the Commissioners regulation, a description of the process to be followed, a description of the product that would be the outcome of that work, and possible samples and templates for schools to use. 

How to Obtain a NYSED Approval CTE Program

This presentation on the NYSED CTE program approval process provides guidance on the components that are required to obtain CTE program approval. The presentation is designed to inform first-time applicants of the advantages and responsibilities of delivering a NYSED-approved CTE program.