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Facilities Planning

Forms & Checklists

State Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Impact Statement - New requirement for ALL capital construction projects.

Find the form in our final submission forms workbook, or download the State Smart Growth Impact Statement Form.

New SHPO rules for reconstruction projects, see the section on final plans submissions, below.

Special Note for ARRA Funded Projects

There is an audit finding relative to the buy American clause when dealing with ARRA funding.  We must ensure that if a district capital project is being partially or totally funded with ARRA funds, the buy American provisions are included in the specifications prior to approval.

Notes on Paperwork for Project Submissions

  • When submitting a project for submission, please take special care to make sure that all forms are properly collated in the order listed on the Checklist for Application for Building Permit form (FP-CL).
  • Please staple multipage forms. We receive a large number of submissions with a stack of loose papers clipped together. The staff here must then collate and staple the forms, a daunting task with large submissions.
  • Only submit ONE COPY of paperwork, plans, and specifications per submission.
Bidding / Building Permits / Construction Phase
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Operations and Maintenance
Fire Safety, Annual Fire Inspections and Certificates of Occupancy