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Facilities Planning

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks


Time Is Running Out

All underground storage tanks (UFT)must be replaced, closed, or upgraded by December of 1998. Federal regulations require that by December 22, 1998, all existing underground storage tanks have spill protection, overfill protection, and corrosion protection.

Upgrade requirements for existing underground storage tanks are:

  1. Spill Protection
    • Tanks must have catch basins to contain spills from delivery hoses.
  2. Overfill Protection
    • Tanks must have ONE of the following:
    1. automatic shut-off device
    2. overfill alarms
    3. ball of lead valves
  3. Corrosion Protection
    • Tanks must match ONE of the following:
      • Steel tank-resistant coating and cathodic protection.
      • Tank made of noncorrodible material.
      • Steel tank clad with or enclosed in noncorrodible material.
      • The uncoated steel tank has an interior lined with noncorrodible material.
      • An uncoated steel tank has cathodic protection and an interior lined with noncorrodible material.

Missing the December 1998 deadline puts you in financial harm's way. The Department of Environmental Conservation can cite the school for violations and fines. Failure to comply with the UST standards also may affect your school insurance coverage.

The above regulations apply only to tanks for gasoline, diesel, or waste oil. EXEMPT from the federal regulation are heating oil tanks for on-premise consumption. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Division of Spill Management (1-800-388-8223) will be able to assist you. Your local BOCES Environmental Safety and Health Office will also be able to assist you.