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Facilities Planning

Installation or Relocation of Manufactured Buildings

Requirements for the Installation or Relocation of Manufactured Buildings

All Manufactured Building installations require building permits prior to bidding, leasing or installation. Such as:

  • If you plan to relocate a Manufactured Building from one location to another on the same site.
  • If you plan to relocate a Manufactured Building from one site to another within the district.
  • If you plan to relocate a Manufactured Building to your site from another school district.
  • If they are new or used, whether buying OR leasing. (Yes, leased Manufactured Buildings MUST be bid).


  • Letter of Intent (LOI).
  • All SED project forms (see below).
  • Plans and specifications (see below).


  • If you are told by a vendor that the Manufactured Building is already approved, remember… THEY ARE NOT!
  • You can’t legally occupy any building without the Certificate of Occupancy from SED. To receive this, you must go through every step listed as follows.

SED Project Forms Required (To Follow the Letter of Intent)

  • Checklist for Application for Building Permit
  • Project Description Form
  • Proper Authorization
  • Evaluation of Existing Building (if attached to existing building)
  • Application for Approval of Final Plans and Specifications
  • Structural Responsibility Checklist and Certification
  • Working Drawings and Specifications (see Plans and specifications required below)
  • Certification by A/E
  • Highway Official Notification
  • Letter stating "there will be no new ACBM installed in the new construction"
  • Code Review Checklist (Don’t forget to include the General Information)

Plans and Specifications Required

  • Fire Area calculation with type of construction
  • The Manufactured Building plans (with toilet rooms, foundation, structural section, anchoring details, mechanical ventilation, electric, fire alarm and plumbing), including structural loading
  • Site work (including proper distance separations, primary and secondary exit stairs, ramps, sidewalks, electric, waste disposal and plumbing)

If Included in the Project Also Add the Following

  • Canopies or covered walkways and details;
  • Enclosed walkways (with proper firewall, distance separation non-dead end exit and details).

These documents must show full accessibility for the physically impaired.

And upon completion of construction or installation and prior to occupancy, the School District must submit a Certificate of Substantial Completion and a Fire Safety Report to obtain their Certificate of Occupancy.