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Facilities Planning

Toilet or Urinal Deodorizer’s Containing Paradichlorobenzene

Article 9 of Education Law, Section 409-G prohibits the purchase and use of paradichlorobenzene deodorizers in public and nonpublic schools. Specifically, no board of education, principal, or other person in charge of any public or private, elementary or secondary school shall authorize the purchase of or purchase any urinal or toilet deodorizer containing paradichlorobenzene.  In addition, no public or private, elementary or secondary school may use or authorize the use of toilet or urinal deodorizers containing paradichlorobenzene in any toilet or urinal in any school building or any other facility under the control of the school.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste, since schools can no longer use toilet and urinal deodorizers containing paradichlorobenzene they may either:

  1. Give the product away to someone who can legally use the product, or
  2. Dispose of the product as hazardous waste under regulatory requirements found on the DEC Website

It is not illegal to use this product line anywhere except in public and private elementary and secondary schools. Therefore we strongly advise districts to donate unused products to taxpaying organizations and businesses within the district in order to avoid the cost of hazardous waste disposal.