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Facilities Planning

Final Building Project Report Hints


The plans and specs have been delivered to the State Education Department’s Office of Facilities Planning. The paperwork is all in order. The Commissioner’s Approval is issued and the school district is on its way to a successful construction project. Just when you think you’re finished with the project and the Office of Facilities Planning, you realize it's time to complete the Final Building Project Report.

Here are some tips on how to ensure the timely processing of this final (and important) stage of a capital construction project.

  • Before mailing the Final Building Project Report to Facilities Planning, be sure that the Report has been properly completed.
    1. Is the cover page signed and dated?
    2. Are the contract dates on the top of each page for which there is a contract?
    3. Are all change orders listed, including the SED approval date and the amount of addition and/or deduction to the original contract?
    4. Have you indicated whether the contract has been completed and all expenditures have been paid?
    5. Are all of the expenditures claimed in the Final Project Report relevant to the scope of the project?
    6. Is the source of funds properly referenced on page 21?
    7. Are all expenditures noted on page 22?
  • Attach a copy of the completed Certificate of Substantial Completion to the Final Project Report.
    1. Has the Certificate of Substantial Completion been completed on the official State Education Department form?
    2. Are all of the signatures in place (front and back)?
    3. Is the date of substantial completion noted on the form?
  • If the actual project expenditures have exceeded the estimated costs on the SA-4, a Request for Revision of Financial Information (FP-FI) form is required.
    1. Column A reflects the costs as they appeared on the SA-4.
    2. Column B shows any deletions or additions to the project totals, as well as any change in the source of financing.
    3. Column C equals the new total cost of the project. (HINT: If the project cost has exceeded the original SA-4 amount, the new total in Column C on the FP-FI should be greater than or equal to the total on the Final Building Project Report.)
    4. Are all of the signatures in place on the bottom of the FP-FI?
    5. Have you attached the appropriate authorization documentation to increase and/or change the source of funds? (This documentation shall be a copy of the board resolution of a city school district; or if a noncity school district, a copy of the actual language of the resolution which was placed before the voters at a special referendum; or a copy of the Popular Budget, and a copy of the SBM-1, if the approval occurred at the annual meeting.)