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Facilities Planning

Review Process at Facilities Planning

New Process Implemented December 5, 2003

News: As a result of our request for suggestions to help us speed up the review process and reduce the backlog, we are implementing several changes in our methods of handling project submissions and conducting reviews. Please take note of these changes as they will affect all projects.

We have implemented changes to the project information shown on the website under "Capital Construction Project Review and Approval Status". These changes include listing the project consultants on the website, eliminating the "addendum overdue" notice from automatically posting when the engineering (or architecture) review may not have been completed, and posting an estimate of the average and maximum review times expected at the time a project is submitted. We will also be implementing a "Dual Review Process", a "Face-to-Face Review Process", and replacing the "Quick Review Process" with a new "Renovation Review Process". As discussed in further detail below, projects will be classified upon receipt by SED project managers into one of several categories as defined in the New York State Building Code. Projects will be processed differently under these new guidelines depending on the project’s classification.

Please see Newsletter #45 for more information.

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