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Facilities Planning

Forms & Manuals

Facilities Planning maintains a complete set of online documents for our districts and their financial advisors and designers. On these pages, you will find documents on building aid, planning standards, and all forms and submission documents required for capital projects.

For final submissions, all forms are located in the “Final Submission Workbook.” You will also find forms for SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office), Applications for Apportionment of Building Aid, and other miscellaneous forms for submissions and finance.

Revised Procedure

  • Requesting Mailed and PDF Copies of All SED Submission Paperwork.
  • To help us serve you faster, the Office of Facilities Planning is requesting PDFs of SED paperwork for all final project submissions to be emailed to
  • In addition to the paper copy that must be mailed in. Please scan all SED paperwork as double-sided.
  • For a submission that includes multiple project numbers submitted as a single package, please create a separate PDF for each project number that contains the SED paperwork for that project.
  • Paperwork should be scanned and submitted in the order listed on the SED FP-CL form for each project number.
  • Please use the subject “<District name> SED Paperwork”; please note the SED project number should no longer be included in the subject line.
  • The body of the email message should include all SED project numbers associated with the submission.
  • Please use the full 15-digit SED Project Number (i.e. SED Project #XX-XX-XX-XX-X-XXX-XXX). All SED project numbers are required so that we can pull the appropriate project folders.
  • To clarify, this request does not apply to the submission of the design drawings and specifications. If you have any questions, please contact us.