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Facilities Planning

Bleacher Inspections


School districts are encouraged to undertake regular bleacher and grandstand inspections. Bleachers are subject to wear, weathering, corrosion, abuse, and metal fatigue. Folding bleachers are especially susceptible to deterioration. The goal of regularly scheduled inspections is to identify those items needing maintenance and/or replacement so that the bleachers can be maintained in "as new" a condition as possible.

The following guidelines form the basis for safe bleacher use and operation:

  • Inspect for damage at least twice a year;
  • Place inspection stickers which indicate the date of inspection on all bleachers;
  • Open and close bleachers evenly;
  • Bleachers must be fully extended when open;
  • Only trained maintenance personnel should operate bleachers;
  • Never allow students to operate bleachers or to climb on retracted bleachers;
  • Install all bleacher guardrails;
  • Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Remember that improper opening and closing can damage bleachers and may result in a collapse.