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Facilities Planning

Fire Drill Frequency

Section 807 of the Education Law mandates that the principal or other person in charge of every public or private school or educational institution within the state (except colleges and universities) must instruct and train their pupils on how to exit the building in the shortest possible time without confusion or panic. The instruction must be in the form of drills or rapid dismissals.

A minimum of 12 drills must be held each school year, eight of which shall be held prior to December 1.

September 1 - December 1 8
December 1 - Summer Recess 4
Total 12

If a building is equipped with fire escapes, four of the required 12 drills must be through the use of these fire escapes.  Instruction must be given to pupils in the procedure to be followed in the event a fire occurs during the lunch period unless at least one drill is held during the lunch period.

Residential schools must hold at least four additional drills after sunset and before sunrise in the buildings providing sleeping accommodations.  Summer schools must hold at least two additional drills, one of which must be held during the first week of the summer session.

A copy of Section 807 Education Law must be printed in any manual or handbook in use for the guidance of teachers.

Failure to comply with Section 807 is a misdemeanor punishable at the discretion of the court by a fine not to exceed $50.