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Facilities Planning

Vaults for Storing Examination Materials


Access to storage vaults used to store state-wide examination materials should be from areas that are under constant supervision and must not be in areas that are accessible by the public.

Examination booklets are shipped in one of 3 container sizes. Boxes containing up to 600 booklets may be either 20" x 27" x 10-1/2" or 20" x 10" x 13-12". Chests for over 1200 booklets up to 2200 booklets are 28" x 14-3/4" x 23-1/2". The containers may be stored in any orientation. Vaults must be sized to accommodate either a box or chest as required by the school's examination order size.

Vault construction must meet the following requirements:

  1. Floors: poured concrete.
  2. Walls: reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete block sealed to the poured concrete floor and also to the structural floor or roof above.
  3. Door: metal door and metal frame.
  4. Windows or access panels are not allowed in the vault.
  5. Ductwork penetrations in the walls for ventilation may be approved on an individual basis depending upon location relative to the door, and exterior accessibility, and normally not to exceed 36 square inches.
  6. Hardware for storage vaults: used to store Regents Examinations must at minimum be medium duty, consisting of hinges inside the vault or welded pin hinges, and classroom function lock set with deadlocking latch bolt.