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School Receivership

Pursuant to Education Law § 211-f and Commissioner’s Regulations §100.19, Commissioner may place a school under superintendent Receivership if it has been identified for the Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) support model under the New York State ESSA accountability system for at least three consecutive school years. Superintendent Receivers exercise enhanced authority to manage and operate the school to achieve demonstrable improvement in student performance. Schools are removed from Receivership at the end of the school year in which the school is not identified for the CSI support model.  

Schools under Receivership are provided with targeted technical assistance and comprehensive support to work towards demonstrable improvement on performance indicators jointly selected by NYSED and their districts, and are also eligible for supplemental financial support to facilitate turnaround efforts.

The following resources are available in support of the demonstrable improvement (DI) process for Schools under Receivership:

Whom should I contact with questions about Schools under Receivership?

The Office of Accountability, Office of Innovation and School Reform, and Office of Field Support work collaboratively to provide resources and supports to Schools under Receivership. To ensure that your question is addressed in a timely manner, please use the table below to determine the appropriate email contact.

For questions about Please contact
  • Technical Assistance
  • Performance Management and Continuation Plan and Quarterly Reporting
  • Demonstrable Improvement Determinations
  • Grant Funding

Please refer to the Office of Innovation and School Reform (OISR) webpage for information about OISR’s comprehensive performance management and targeted technical assistance support framework to support Schools under Receivership in making progress toward achieving Demonstrable Improvement Indicator (DII) targets.








Please click on the link below to open a spreadsheet with approved Demonstrable Improvement Indicators for all Persistently Struggling and Struggling Schools. The spreadsheet also includes school baselines, goals and progress targets for the 2015-16, 2016-17, and 2017-18 school years. For descriptions about the indicators, please refer to the data dictionary.


If you have questions on the Demonstrable Improvement Indicators, please send them to:

For more information on the School Receivership process, please visit: