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Title I School Improvement funds are to be used to support local educational agencies (LEAs) that:

  • Serve the lowest achieving schools.
  • Demonstrate the greatest need for such funding.
  • Demonstrate the strongest commitment to ensuring that such funds are used to enable the lowest achieving schools to meet the progress goals in their school improvement plans.

A portion of the Title I allocation (4 percent) is set aside, as required by federal legislation, for this purpose in order to increase the opportunity for all students in such schools to meet New York State’s high content and student performance standards.  The law further requires that the State education agency allocate funds to the LEAs for schools identified as Priority and Focus Schools.

The funding is for designated LEAs and schools to support the implementation of the goals identified in the required District Comprehensive Improvement Plans (DCIP) and School Comprehensive Education Plans (SCIP) under the Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA)  Act, §1116(b), as modified by the ESEA Flexibility Waiver (May 2012).



Federal Statute:        ESEA Act of 2001, PL 107-334, §Title I, 1003(a)

Federal Regulation:  34 CFR Parts 200, 201, 203, 205 and 212

State Statute:            

State Regulation:     




Federal-                       $43.2m

Special Revenue-       

Total-                           $43.2m

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