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The Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a financially sound public telecommunications system in the State through the administration of local assistance funds for the operational, programmatic and instructional needs of the 8 State public television stations and 16 public radio stations. This responsibility of the Office provides an opportunity to help the Education Department form cost-effective, dynamic partnerships between itself and public broadcasting and between public broadcasting and the educational community. To this end, the Office is committed to a long-term, broad-based effort to meet educational needs that can best be addressed through public broadcasting and telecommunications technologies.

Beyond maintaining a sound public broadcasting system, the Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting is responsible for facilitating and advising the stations’ acquisition and production of high-quality programming materials for the State’s learners. Furthermore, the Office is charged with fostering a climate conducive to the invigorated use of digital multimedia technologies to benefit virtually all citizens in every area of the State. To fulfill its mission, the Office has affirmed the following goals:

■ Public Broadcasting will be a major factor in providing education to all New Yorkers. The Office ensures the effective development of instructional television and radio services provided to students and other citizens through broadcast, broadband, community outreach and interactive telecommunications.

■ The Public Broadcasting System in New York State will be financially sound. The Office provides leadership and direction to the State’s public broadcasting stations, administering State aid for operational, programmatic and instructional support.

■ The Office will provide coordination for video programming and other telecommunications-related services to support the Board of Regents and the Education Department’s priorities in cooperation with program offices in the Department, the public broadcasting stations, and other education and cultural institutions of the State.  



Federal Statute:          

Federal Regulation:   

State Statute:             Education Law Section 236  

State Regulation:      8NYCRR Part 179 



State-                           $14m


Special Revenue-         

Total-                           $14m

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