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The purpose of the Extended Learning Time (ELT) competitive grant program is to provide grants to school districts or school districts in collaboration with not-for-profit community-based organizations (CBOs) to increase school-wide learning opportunities in high-quality extended school day, school week and/or extended school year programs with a focus on improving academic achievement. School-wide extended learning requires a transformation and redesign of the school calendar for all students in the school. The intent of this program is to provide school districts the opportunity to transform and redesign the school day, week and year in order to better meet the needs of its students and school community and improve student achievement.

Extended school-wide learning time enables schools to provide students with more individualized instruction, more time for honing core academic skills, and more enrichment activities that make learning relevant and engaging. It also provides critical time for teachers to collaborate to improve instruction aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Schools that apply for the competitive grant program must agree to expand learning time by adding at least 25 percent more time to the academic calendar beyond the current schedule. 



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State-                           $21.6m


Special Revenue-         

Total-                           $21.6m

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