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The Program Description Handbook is a companion document to the Education Department's Budget Proposal Summary. The Handbook provides narrative descriptions of the various Department programs. The Program Description Handbook contains the following information:

PROGRAM: The program’s technical and familiar name plus any acronyms.

DESCRIPTION: A brief description of the program and the population which it serves.

AUTHORITY: The statutory and/or regulatory provisions establishing the program.

FUNDING SOURCE(S): The Program Description Handbook should not be used for definitive fiscal information. General program funding from all sources is shown (for the most recent prior year) to provide a general sense of overall program size. If more than one funding source is provided, the approximate percentage of each source is indicated. For more definitive, up-to-date and detailed fiscal information, the Budget Proposal summary should be consulted. 

Due to spending control restrictions the Program Description Handbook will no longer be printed. It will be available on the Education Department’s internet web site and additions and updates will be provided as needed throughout the year on the internet site. 

Last updated
December 7, 2018 - 9:52am