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The New York State Project for Nontraditional Training and Employment works with agencies on meeting the Perkins IV accountability standards.  The project provides statewide technical assistance for gender equity under Perkins IV.  Services include:

  • Equity Resource Library

Books, manuals and videos are available for free loan to administrators and educators involved in Perkins-funded projects throughout New York State.  Our collection totals over 2,000 items.  Bibliographies of relevant topics are also available.

  • Web Site

The web site on Nontraditional Training and Employment provides up-to-date information on nontraditional careers and new and emerging careers, as well as strategies for recruiting, retaining and placing nontraditional students.  The site allows access to and online ordering from the Resource Library database.

  • State Development and Technical Assistance

Meeting the nontraditional performance indicators can be a complex and long-term process.  Staff development is available to meet your current needs.



Federal Statute:        Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act (CTEIA) of 2006, PL 109-270

Federal Regulation:  34 CFR Parts 400 & 403

State Statute:            

State Regulation:     




Federal-                       $0.15m

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Total-                           $0.15m

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