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Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) is authorized under Article 101 of the Education Law and Part 126 of the Commissioner’s Regulations to license, monitor, and regulate private career schools throughout the State.  The mission is to ensure consumer protection; to promote increasing educational competence, high standards, accountability, and integrity within the proprietary school sector; and to implement monitoring and oversight with fairness and equity.

BPSS is funded by revenue from school licensing fees and tuition assessments.  BPSS licenses and monitors over 500 private career schools, and certified English as a Second Language schools.

BPSS also manages a Tuition Reimbursement Account (TRA) on behalf of the Regents and the Commissioner.  This fund is used to offer financial protection to the approximately 200,000 New York State students who attend a licensed proprietary school every year.  These schools comprise a private sector industry that collects approximately $300 million in tuition per year.



Federal Statute:       

Federal Regulation: 

State Statute:             Education Law Article 101

State Regulation:      8NYCRR Part 126





Special Revenue-        $5.67m

Total-                           $5.67m

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