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The purpose of the Teacher Diversity Pipeline Pilot program is to assist teacher aides and teaching assistants in attaining the necessary educational and professional credentials to obtain teacher certification.  Funding will support a model program that accomplishes the following goals:

  • Develop an innovative, supportive pathway for teacher aides and teaching assistants to become certified teachers;
  • Increase the diversity of the teaching force in high-need district(s) and schools;
  • Address teacher shortages/needs in high-need district(s) and high-need schools. 



Federal Statute:          

Federal Regulation:   

State Statute:               2018-19 New York State budget, S.7504/A.9504

State Regulation:       



State-                           $.5m


Special Revenue-         

Total-                           $.5m

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December 7, 2018 - 3:05pm