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CTEIA Incarcerated Program grants and State set-asides are made available to provide occupational skills instruction and support services to individuals incarcerated or institutionalized in county and State correctional facilities.  The purpose of the funding includes:

  • The establishment and/or enhancement of career and technical education programs for inmates that lead to employment of high-wage, high-skill, high-wage, high-demand areas.
  • The development on non-traditional career options.
  • The development or enhancement of transitional services that lead to employment for inmates who are completing their sentences and are preparing for release.
  • The improvement of equipment.



Federal Statute:        Carl D. Perkins CDEIA of 2006, PL 109-270, Title I, Part A for Incarcerated Programs

Federal Regulation: 

State Statute:             Education Law §3203(7)

State Regulation:      8NYCRR Part 118




Federal-                       $0.51m

Special Revenue-       

Total-                           $0.51m

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