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§4410 Preschool Services

Under §4410 of Education Law, school districts are responsible for assuring the provision of special education services to eligible preschool children with disabilities (ages 3-4 years). Counties contract with approved programs and service providers selected by local boards of education and make 100 percent payment to providers.  Pursuant to Chapter 642 of the Laws of 1996, counties are reimbursed by the State for 59.5 percent of the approved costs for services.

§4408 Summer School Services

Children with disabilities, ages 5-21 years, may receive special programs and/or services during July and August, if recommended by the Committee on Special Education. The county of residence is responsible for 10 percent of the cost and the local school district is responsible for 20 percent of the cost.  The State Education Department is responsible for the remaining 70 percent of the cost.  Costs incurred for services provided during July and August to children with disabilities in the State schools in Rome and Batavia and the State-supported §4201 schools are included. Also included in this account are payments for summer students who are placed in Office of Mental Health residential treatment facilities.  Pursuant to Chapter 82 of the Laws of 1995, beginning in 1995-1996, no single payee may receive more than 45 percent of the appropriation for this Program.  In addition, no payments will be made after July 1, 1996 based on a claim submitted later than three years after the end of the school year in which services were rendered except in cases where such payment is the result of a court order, judgment, or final audit.



Federal Statute:       

Federal Regulation: 

State Statute:             Education Law Sections 4408 and 4410

State Regulation:      8NYCRR Part 200



State-                           $1,366m


Special Revenue-       

Total-                           $1,366m

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