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The Targeted Prekindergarten Program, formerly known as Experimental Prekindergarten, was established in 1966 to provide high quality preschool education to four-year old children from families who are economically disadvantaged.  The goal is to prepare them for success in school.  In 2006-2007, the Targeted Prekindergarten program was merged with the Universal Prekindergarten program.  As a result, the only remaining Targeted Prekindergarten Programs are those operated by BOCES, which are not eligible to receive Universal Prekindergarten funds directly. 



Federal Statute:       

Federal Regulation: 

State Statute:            

State Regulation: 8NYCRR Subpart 151-2



State-                           $1.3m


Special Revenue-       

Total-                           $1.3m

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December 10, 2018 - 3:27pm