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The purpose of TOC is to increase the participation rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers.  TOC Programs will:

  • include instructional strategies designed to meet the learning needs of students placed at risk;
  • incorporate the use of mentors and other high-quality support systems for pre-service and new teachers that are designed to ensure a lasting and positive effect on classroom performance;
  • reflect current research on teaching and learning; culturally and linguistically relevant teaching; youth development; restorative practices; and STEM concentrations at the elementary, middle & high school levels;
  • integrate a clinically rich pre-service model with a 10-month internship experience and includes partnerships with high- needs schools to help them address the recurrent teacher shortage areas; and
  • foster retention in teaching of highly qualified individuals who value diversity and equity. 



Federal Statute:          

Federal Regulation:   

State Statute:             Chapter 53 of the Laws of 1987 and Chapter 53 of the Laws of 2016

State Regulation:       



State-                           $3m


Special Revenue-         

Total-                           $3m

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