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Professional Development


2020 P-3 Summer Institute - Virtual Thursdays

In August 2020, the NYS Council on Children and Families (CCF) partnered with the NYS Education Department's Office of Early Learning to convene the annual P-3 Summer Institute. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 P-3 Summer Institute Virtual Thursdays event was held online, and it included the documentary film No Small Matter along with presentations by Principal Baruti Kafele, Dana Benzo, Tim Hathaway and Tamae Memole from Prevent Child Abuse New York, Shannon Riley-Ayers, Miriam Beloglovsky and the Office of Early Learning. Use the link above to find more information and view these presentations.




NYSED Office of Early Learning Video Series: A Guide for Educators Serving Children in Prekindergarten through 2nd Grade

The NYSED values play as an instructional strategy in the early childhood classroom. The video series includes examples of purposeful, play-based instructional strategies that assist children in developing critical foundational skills. In the early grades, it is particularly important for educators to recognize and provide a balance between individual and group needs, active and quiet times, teacher-directed and child-selected activities, and English and home language development. Teachers influence what and how children learn by creating an environment that reflects developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate practices and instruction. Intentional planning provides a framework for learning that is culturally and linguistically responsive, playful, interactive and interdisciplinary.