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Resources for Families

Resource Guides for School Success in Early Learning

The New York State Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Learning Standards: A Resource for School Success are grade-specific resources that consolidate all learning standards into one comprehensive document that provides a uniform format to make them easily accessible for teachers, specialists, administrators and parents. From a planning perspective, these documents highlight the importance of addressing children’s development and learning across all developmental domains. 

These resources are not a curriculum, assessment, or set of teaching strategies but rather, resources for the learning that students should  accomplish by the end of  prekindergarten, kindergarten, first, and second grade. Users are encouraged to also review the full articulations of the New York State Learning Standards.


Family Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets were created for families, with hopes that school districts and educational centers will provide these Tip Sheets on a monthly basis or as needed to the families in their preschool programs. Each Tip Sheet covers one area of learning, and provides strategies, activities that can be done at home, and additional resources. Districts can download the Tip Sheets, customize it with the district name and date, and distribute it to families.

Family Guide to NYS Early Childhood Services

Located on the New York State Council on Children and Families website, this publication is a resource guide for families to connect and link children to early childhood services throughout New York State.




Suggested Websites

Explore a selection of online resources for families, including networking and educational activities.