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School Health Laws and Regulations

Medical & Health Service - Article 19
Education Law Article 19 Section Title/Description
§901 School health services to be provided
§902 Employment of health professionals
§902-a Treatment of students diagnosed with diabetes by school personnel
§902-b Treatment by licensed school personnel of students diagnosed with allergies
§903 Students to furnish health certificates
§904 Examinations by health appraisal
§905 Record of screening examinations for vision, hearing, and scoliosis
§906 Existence of communicable diseases; return after illness
§907 Use of sunscreen
§909 School hygiene districts
§910 Choice of method of treatment
§911 Enforcement
§912 Health and welfare services to all children
§912-a Urine analysis; drug detection
§912-b Speech and language improvement services
§913 Medical examinations of teachers and other employees
§914 Immunization of children
§915 Prohibiting the sale of certain sweetened foods
§916 Pupils with asthma or another respiratory disease requiring rescue inhaler treatment
§916-a Pupils with allergies
§916-b Pupils with diabetes
§917 On-site cardiac automated external defibrillator
§918 School district nutrition advisory committees
§919 On-site nebulizers
§920 Public schools; infestation of bedbugs (Cimex lectularius)
§921 Training of unlicensed school personnel to administer certain medications
§921-a On-site epinephrine auto-injector
§922 Opioid overdose prevention
§923 Sudden cardiac arrest


Commissioner's Regulations
Commissioner's Regulation Section Title/Description
CR 136.1 Definitions of School Health Services and Personnel
CR 136.2 Duties of Schools to Provide Health Services
CR 136.3 School Health Services to be Provided (see above update)
CR 136.4 On Site Cardiac Automated Defibrillators
CR 136.5 Concussion Management and Awareness*
CR 136.6 Authorized Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injector
CR 136.7 Self-administration of Certain Medications by Students
CR 136.8 Opioid Overdose Prevention
CR 136.9 Sudden Cardiac Arrest


*Amendment of Section 136.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to Requiring Nonpublic Schools to Follow Concussion Management Protocols (June 2023)