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21stCCLC Project Management

21stCCLC Program Case Study Report: Round 8, Year 1 (12/5/23)

21stCCLC Programs' Use of Supports (12/5/23)

Program Director's Quick Guide to Program Evaluation (12/5/23)

Who's Who Tool (8/31/23) Note: The purpose of this template is to provide clarity in terms of staffing for upcoming Welcome Visits, Site Monitoring Visits, and possible program modifications and/or BA’s. It also informs RCs and NYSED of current staffing and/or possible changes.

Welcome Visit Tool (8/15/23)

Manual for Program Directors (updated January 2023)

Program Director's Progress Briefs

Note: The Progress Briefs are derived from the required Mid-Year Reports that are completed by Program Managers/Directors annually.


Data and Reporting