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21stCCLC Site Monitoring Visits

Site Visit Monitoring (SMV) Report Template (revised September 2022). Note: This report will be used for site monitoring visits starting July 1, 2022.

SMV Glossary (revised May 2019)

Action Plan PDF Template (revised September 2022)
Action Plan Word Template (revised September 2022)

Site Monitoring Visits and Action Plan Fact Sheet Note: The New York State Education Department  (NYSED) is sharing the information below with subgrantees as a reminder of the purpose and expectations of Site Monitoring Visits (SMVs) conducted by the Technical Assistance Resource Centers (TARCs) and/or NYSED and the follow up Action Plans that are required when areas of partial and non-compliance are identified. This information should be shared with program, partners, and fiscal staff.

Technical Assistance (TA) Report Template (10/4/19)  Note: TARC staff or consultants must conduct on-site technical assistance (TA) visits when more intense assistance is necessary. It is anticipated that approximately 10-15% of programs may require an on-site TA visit during any program year. TA visits are targeted assistance visits and may not be combined with a monitoring visit. The three-hour technical assistance site visits shall be based on the needs of the individual program. Areas of technical assistance may include alignment of program activities with the regular school day, academic curricula, and program objective; effective communication with building administrators and faculty, professional development for staff; engagement of parents, families and the community’ recruitment and retention of student participants; use of Quality Self-Assessment Tool; collection and entry of data for the federal Annual Performance Report, and other program administration issues.

Evaluability Checklist PDF Version
Evaluability Checklist Word Version