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Health Screenings

School health screenings help in the early detection of health conditions and help children lead a healthy life.  Among other things, school health screenings can help detect vision, hearing, and identify spinal deformities that may cause impairment of the body's range of motion and endurance.

Vision and hearing problems can go undetected and impact a student’s behavior and academic achievement. Scoliosis needs to be identified as soon as possible to prevent lifelong physical issues. That is why it is so important school aged children and youth are screened to identify those who need further evaluation by a healthcare provider.

To ensure that all children and youth receive these important screenings, public schools are required to conduct student health screenings: vision, hearing, and scoliosis in the mandated grades if they are not documented on a health exam. Information is available to assist schools in conducting these screenings through the guidelines below.

Hearing Screening Guidelines - Updated May 2018

Vision Screening Guidelines - Updated May 2018

School Vision Health Flyer
Download and print this flyer to help spread awareness about vision health!

Scoliosis Screening Guidelines - Updated May 2018

Schools are encouraged to promote vision, hearing and spine health and safety.  Please see the NYS Center for School Health website for resources related to health screenings.