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21stCCLC Templates

Advisory Board documents

Lesson Plan

Personnel Activity Reports (PARs)

Note: PARs are mandatory reports that must be completed for each employee of the program that verifies the percentage of time worked and paid through the 21st CCLC program.  NYSED requires that PARs are completed monthly or semi-annually.

Program Activity Implementation Review (PAIR)

Note: NYSED requires that the program director or site coordinator conduct a formal review for each program activity offered at least twice a year. Use of this particular form, while not required, is highly recommended, as it is based on out-of-school time research.

Standard Enrollment Forms

  • Standard Enrollment Form
  • In October 2021, NYSED revised the sample form that is currently available. It is required that all programs include all of the information from the sample Standard Enrollment Form within their own forms. Programs have the creative liberty to modify the form to meet the needs of their students, families, and community. This form is usable for current subgrantees.
  • For translated versions of the Student Enrollment form, you can visit the Forms page on the TARC website. The form is translated in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Simplified, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.