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Child Abuse in an Educational Setting

Education Law Article 23-B

Reporting Requirements - This information outlines the required reporting process for allegations of child abuse in an educational setting.

Confidential Report of Allegation of Child Abuse in an Education Setting:

Section 100.2 (hh) of Commissioner's Regulation - Reporting Child Abuse in an Educational Setting

Report Form - See Reporting Requirements above for details on how to use this form.  This form is to be completed by school staff who witness or are made aware of a potential incident of child abuse in an educational setting.  The form is submitted to the superintendent and law enforcement and after the incident has been been investigated by the school or district it is then submitted to the Office of School Personnel Accountability (OSPRA) at

Definitions - This document defines key terms relevant to the reporting requirements and completing the report, as outlined in Education Law Article 23-B.