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Mandated Services Aid & Comprehensive Attendance Policy (MSA-CAP) Forms and Guidance Documents

MSA-1 Form, Schedule A/Worksheet, and Guidelines for the 2022-2023 school year are now available.

Information and Forms

MSA-CAP Online System

Religious and Independent schools are highly encouraged to use the MSA-CAP online system NYSED Business Portal Website to enter their MSA-CAP claims. The system is designed to enhance the application process and expedite the issuance of the school’s mandated services aid payment. Paper forms will still be accepted via email and fax and will be entered into the computer system by New York State Education Department staff. Religious and Independent schools that choose to use the paper forms will need to send a completed MSA-1 form (including explanations as needed for variation in enrollment that is greater than 20% and increases in pupil attendance recordkeeping and/or total aid that is greater than 25%) and the Schedule A/Worksheet.

Direct Deposit

The Office of the State Comptroller has instituted Automated Clearing House (ACH) as the preferred payment method and are now requiring vendors already enrolled in ACH to be paid utilizing the ACH payment method. Vendors that have selected the receipt of paper checks as their preferred method of payment will continue to receive checks. However, we strongly encourage vendors and schools which are still receiving checks to enroll in ACH. ACH payments provide both the sender and receiver with the advantages of improved controls, reduced chances for check fraud, better cash management, and greatly reduced bank charges.

Your institution should access the Statewide Financial System (SFS) SFS Help Desk and confirm that ACH is selected as the preferred method of payment by navigating to the Location tab on the vendor record and selecting the “Payables” hyperlink. Once in Payables, the payment method is displayed under the “Additional Payables Options,” “Additional Payment Information” section. If the Payment Method is ACH, the payment will be made via ACH. Payments may be rejected by OSC if a vendor has ACH as a payment option but choose not to make it their default.

If vendors have questions after using the online Self-Service for Vendors, please contact the SFS Help Desk (SFS Help Desk| 877-737-4185 toll-free | 518-457-7737).

If you have any questions about mandated services aid, please send an e-mail message to