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Academic Intervention for Nonpublic Schools (AIS)

AIS is a one hundred percent state funded grant, based upon Commissioner's Regulations 100.2. Originally created in 2003-2004, this fund was created to assist the teachers and administrators of those religious and independent schools which administer the state English Language Arts (ELA) and Math exams and have students scoring at levels one and two.  The grant provides reimbursement funds for professional development of education personnel, or the purchase of instructional materials (such as new ELA and Math programs, curricula and books) designed to assist these lower scoring students, in the hopes of raising the bar of student performance on the State assessments.


Grant Opportunity Name

Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

Grant Format


Grant Type

Non-Competitive, Formula Driven

Inaugural Year


Grant Cycle


Current Year

Year 7 (2021-2022 School Year)

Online Application/Reimbursement

AIS Year 7 Business Portal Application

Paper Application/Reimbursement

AIS Year 7 Reimbursement Form

Program Guide

AIS Year 7 Program Guide

Eligibility Dates


Applications Due




Total Funding Available


Anticipated Amount of Award(s)

AIS Year 7 Allocations


Reimbursement for certain professional development and equipment expenditures designed to support students who are at-risk of not meeting the NYS administered 3-8 assessments in ELA and mathematics


- Currently open, K-12
- Religious & Independent Schools (non-profit or not-for-profit)
- Have a valid OSC Vendor ID
- Offered the 3-8 State assessments AND reported students not achieving at a level 3 or 4
Please note: Not all nonpublic schools in New York State offer the 3-8 State assessments to their students. ONLY those schools that do offer the assessments and report to NYSED per the established processes are eligible for AIS reimbursement, based upon the number of their students that do not achieve a level 3 or 4 on State proficiency exams.

Allocation Methodology

The annual AIS allocation is calculated based on the statewide total number of religious and independent school students who did not meet level 3 or 4 on 3-8 State assessments in ELA and mathematics in the prior school year. Once the number of students is established on a state level, a per pupil rate is calculated as well as the total amount of funds available to an individual school.

Contact Name

Office of Religious and Independent School Support (ORISS)

Contact Email

Current Solicitation Profile

Year 7 (2021-2022 School Year) Announcement


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Intervention Services

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