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Basic Education Data System (BEDS) Code Information

Obtaining a BEDS code:

The New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) State Office of Religious and Independent Schools (ORISS) uses the Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) code to recognize the existence of religious and independent schools and to facilitate the delivery of programs, services and resources that schools’ students are entitled to receive from their school district of residence. Each school building requires its own unique BEDS Code and related paperwork.

Application for new Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) code

Below is a link to the memorandum regarding a new SEDREF data field which will be referred to as the ORISS code (formerly SORIS code). Schools with multiple building locations, please read the memo in its entirety, including the questions and answers for specific guidance. For schools with only one building, no further action is needed regarding this data field. For additional information, review the memo and FAQ documents:

Submitting Annual BEDS enrollment:

Instructions for completing the BEDS Report of Nonpublic Schools, the BEDS Report on Nonpublic Schools, and the BEDS Addendum for schools applying for a BEDS code for may be found on the Information and Reporting Services website. Report data should be based on enrollment on BEDS day, which is the first Wednesday in October each year.

Important BEDS reporting dates can also be found on the Calendar of Reminders.

Questions about BEDS can be answered by visiting the Office of Information and Reporting Services' Data Help Center.

Additional information regarding the annual BEDS report

Instructions on Making Changes to…

  • School Site Location/Address
    • If a nonpublic school with an existing BEDS code moves to a new location, the school will need to submit a BEDS Change of Address form and accompanying documentation.
    • If the school has either a charter with the Board of Regents or a Commissioner’s Consent, it will need to also file an amendment if it has not already done so. Information on filing amendments can be found on the Starting a School webpage.
  • School Name
  • Contact Information Associated with the BEDS Code in SEDREF
    • Keeping your school’s information as current as possible in SEDREF will help your school stay up-to-date on the latest communications to come from NYSED. Please visit the SEDREF Main Information webpage for instructions on how to make changes to contact information.