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MSA-CAP Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have a username and password to access the online system. Whom do I contact?

First, please check the State Education Data Reference File (SEDREF) to complete a query determining who is listed under Administrative Positions for your school. If SEDREF has another individual listed as chief executive officer, that individual can add you as a delegated user if an account was established for you as Chief Financial Officer. Instructions can be found in the SEDDAS User Guide. Or, if you are the new chief executive officer, you will have to contact SEDREF to change the designated individual with access to your account. 

When there is a change in superintendent or principal in any public school district, regular public school, charter school, nonpublic school or BOCES, the NYSED's Office of Information and Reporting Services (I&RS) must be formally notified so that the SED Reference File (SEDREF) can be updated. Online accounts will not be generated unless a person appears appropriately on SEDREF. For nonpublic school Chief Financial Officer (CFO) changes must be captured on this CFO form  or this CFO form in PDF  and emailed to

All other questions regarding this process should be directed to or phone (518) 474-7965.

 Once you have seen the information updated in SEDREF, call the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS) Help Desk by email or phone at (518) 473-8832 to request a sign-on, password and access to the online system for Mandated Services.

My password used to work, but it doesn’t seem to work now. Can you help?

All password and access issues are serviced by the SEDDAS Help Desk at (518) 473-8832.

My claim status is “Auto approval”. What do I do now? I received an email message saying that my claim was set to “Auto approval”.

Auto Approval means that the claim didn’t have any edit or variance problems and is being sent electronically to the Office of Fiscal Management for vouchering and forwarding to the Office of the State Comptroller for payment. When the claim status changes to Closed it means that the Office of the State Comptroller has issued either an electronic payment or check.

My claim status is “Hold”. What do I do now? I received an email message saying that my claim was set to “Hold”

You do not need to take any action. If necessary, a program reviewer from the MSA-CAP Office will contact you for additional information.

I received a warning message saying Not a valid number- Mandate 1. (do not use any special characters.)

Do not enter commas when entering salary and/or benefit data. Check to be sure that you haven’t entered a special character (i.e., *, ‘, #, !)

I received a warning message saying the claim was set to post review.

Predetermined edits caused the claim to be sent for a post review. The claim will be reviewed after payment. You do not need to take any action. A program reviewer from the MSA-CAP Office will contact you if necessary.

I accidentally submitted my claim and it has errors.

Send an email message to explaining the problem. A program reviewer will contact you about next steps.

I’ve completed my claim online, do I need to submit anything to the State Education Department?

You do not need to submit any paperwork to the State Education Department. By using the password and user code that were assigned to you, the Mandated Services Aid claim was electronically signed.

People in schools get interrupted. What happens to the claim if I can’t finish it?

Save the information as you complete each mandate. You can log off the system and return to an unsubmitted claim at any time. The “save” button appears in the right-hand corner of the screen. Buttons are available at the top and bottom of the screens.

When does the final certification screen appear?

After you finish entering data for each mandate, click on the “MSA-1” button.
Click on the “I Agree” button.
The system returns a link to “Submit Claim”.
The system returns a screen that shows the status of your submitted claim.

My printed claim is over 30 pages.

We recommend that you print the individual mandate screens to save paper. Only print screens that contain claim data. Also, change your print properties to landscape.