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Mathematics, Science & Technology Teachers (MST)

Funds to reimburse religious and independent schools for Mathematics, Science, and Technology teachers were appropriated in the 2021-22 enacted State budget. The program is governed by Section 3037 of Education Law, added by Chapter 59 of 2017. Religious and independent schools that employ eligible teachers of Mathematics, Science, or Technology may seek reimbursement.


Grant Opportunity Name

Mathematics, Science, & Technology Teachers (MST)

Grant Format


Grant Type

Non-Competitive, Formula Driven

Inaugural Year


Grant Cycle


Current Year

Year 6 (2022-2023 School Year)

Online Application/Reimbursement

MST Year 6 Business Portal Application

Paper Application/Reimbursement

MST Year 6 Reimbursement Form

Program Guide

MST Year 6 Program Guide

Eligibility Dates


Applications Due



MST Year 6 FAQ

Total Funding Available


Anticipated Amount of Award(s)

MST Year 6 Allocations


Reimbursement for instructional expenditures for Mathematics, Science, and Technology teachers in the prior academic year


- Currently open, grades 3-12
- Religious & Independent Schools (non-profit or not-for-profit)
- 853 or Approved Special Education Schools are ineligible
- Have a valid OSC Vendor ID

Allocation Methodology

In accordance with Education Law § 3037(2)(b), reimbursements will be calculated based on NYSED’s data regarding average comparable teacher salaries and personal services, per subject area, of public school teachers in the school district in which the religious or independent schools are located, multiplied by the percentage of full-time equivalent secular instructional hours completed in the religious or independent school day per subject area (mathematics, science, and technology).
Per Education Law § 3037(2)(b), in the event that the total reimbursements requested exceed the $58 million appropriation, then each applicant will only be reimbursed in an amount equal to the percentage each such applicant represents to the total of all applications submitted. Schools whose eligible teacher salaries exceed their reimbursement amount must support those expenses on their own and will not receive additional reimbursement.

Contact Name

Office of Religious and Independent School Support (ORISS)

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Current Solicitation Profile

Year 6 (2022-2023 School Year) Announcement


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Services Aid (MSA) Comprehensive
Attendance Policy (CAP)

Mathematics, Science, & Technology Teachers

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Safety Equipment


New York State Education Department- ORISS
89 Washington Avenue
Room 1078 EBA
Albany, New York 12234
Phone: (518) 474-3936