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Information for Students Wishing to Attend College

In September 2004, the New York State Board of Regents adopted an amendment to section 100.10 of Commissioner's regulations relating to the home instruction of students of compulsory school age who wish to attend college on a full-time basis.

The amendment:

  • requires students of compulsory school age who have yet to complete a four-year high school program and who seek to enroll in full-time college study to submit to the college verification from the school district of residence that the student will be meeting the compulsory education requirements through full-time college study. This verification must be in the form of an approved Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) that includes the full-time college study.

  • permits school district residents, including home instructed students, to take five specific Regents examinations or approved alternative examinations for the purpose of meeting the preliminary education requirement for earning a college degree, applicable to students beyond compulsory school age.

  • repeals the requirement that a student present satisfactory evidence of a preliminary education of at least a four-year high school course or its equivalent before beginning college degree study. This requirement was in conflict with the Commissioner's Regulation that permitted a student to earn a high school equivalency diploma through completing 24 semester hours as a recognized candidate for a college degree.

Guidelines on Revised Rules and Regulations Relating to Requirements for Conferral of a College Degree and Home Instruction of Students of Compulsory School Age and Full-Time College Study